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John Cryer
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John Cryer takes tea for change

John Cryer, has taken part in one of the largest ever lobbies of Parliament,
when more than 1,000 campaigners from across England and Wales descended on Westminster to argue the case for action on global poverty.

Several constituents from Leyton and Wanstead visited Parliament on Thursday 9th June, representing CAFOD (the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development).  They sat down with John Cryer for a cup of tea and a discussion about CAFOD's campaign priorities.

They discussed how to stop multinational companies dodging tax in the UK and abroad, and how to get those companies to be more transparent about their dealings in developing countries. They also discussed proposals for a ‘Robin Hood' tax on financial transactions by major City firms to raise more money for international development.

What the residents said

Mrs Howells, a Snaresbrook resident said:

"The decisions taken in our Parliament have a direct impact on the poorest communities in the world, and that is why - as  CAFOD supporters - my friend, Olive Flynn and I wanted to come and make our voices heard.  We had met our MP last year when we were campaigning for positive steps to alleviate the effects of climate change for the poorest who will be affected the most.

Our MP John Cryer listened attentively to the group who met with him and expressed his support for what we were doing. I am delighted that my MP agreed to sit down with us, and discuss the issues affecting the poorest communities. I hope that will have an influence on him when these issues are next debated in Parliament.
Christine, a school pupil from Leyton - representing War Child said:

"It was great to have the opportunity to put my concerns to my local MP. Across the world billions of people live in poverty. We all need to do much more to help children go to school and stop them dying from preventable poverty related diseases.

John Cryer said

"I want to thank my constituents for coming to see me, and I want to thank CAFOD for helping to organise this brilliant event.

"I fully supported the Labour government's good work on international development. It is vital that this coalition government continue to ensure that the aid reaches the poorest. Over the last decade the Labour government enabled countries to invest in health, so that 10,000 fewer children die every day now than in 1990."

"We helped 40 million more African children to attend primary school. I am proud of our record.

"Yet, I do agree that more needs to be done. We have to stand by our commitment to give 0.7 per cent of our national income in aid by 2013. There are still 72 million children worldwide who still cannot go to school and 20,000 children are still dying every day of preventable poverty related causes."

"I will be challenging the Government to stand by our aid commitment and to work with the rest of the G20 to champion new and fair funding development."
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