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University Fees

Next Generation Let Down Again


> 70% of all Universities set to charge £9,000
> Government facing funding shortfall
> Thousands of student places risk being cut
> University of East London declares its intention

Exceptional Tuition Fees

The Tory-led Government's promise that £9,000 tuition fees would only be charged ‘in exceptional circumstances' has been broken today. On the day when all institutions wanting to charge over £6,000 are having to submit their tuition fee plans to the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).

Looking across all universities 95% of those who have declared their intension are planning on charging over £7,500 - the amount the Tory-led Government expected to be the average fee.
The University of East London has declared their intension on charging the full £9,000.

UEL Vice-Chancellor Professor Patrick McGhee said:

"This fee level reflects the degree of investment required to deliver the quality of teaching and facilities that our students expect and deserve, following the reduction in government teaching grant."

John Cryer MP said

"This is bad news for students from Leyton and Wanstead who face the prospect of even higher debt than the Government claimed when they rushed their reforms through parliament last year. The 80 per cent reduction in teaching grant has forced Universities, such as UEL to increase the fee to the maximum level."

This is unfair to our universities and students. The shambolic tuition fee policy is now unravelling. It will cost students more. It will now cost the taxpayer more. And it may cost thousands of young people their place at university."
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