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John Cryer
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Backing Kens' Fare Deal

Ken's Fare Deal will make a difference for thousands of local commuters

John Cryer today backed Ken Livingstone's ‘Fare Deal' campaign to cut fares for Londoners  with a series of major campaign events and initiatives that will
directly contact hundreds of thousands of Londoners in just 24 hours.

John Cryer MP said:

"Under Boris Johnson fares are planned to rise by 2 per cent above inflation every year. In a new style of campaigning, local supporters met hundreds of local commuters at the following local tube stations; Leyton, Leytonstone, Snaresbrook and Wanstead. "

"At a time when thousands of local residents are struggling, I do not believe enough is being done to help them. This Fare Deal plan will make a huge difference to my constituents ."
Dave, a Leyton residents said:

"Tube fares are at a sky high level this is an extra burden on families already struggling to make ends meet. I welcome Ken's Pledge to reduce fares by £800."

Ken's Fare Deal Events will include:

> Ken will travel the entire length of the Victoria Line from Walthamstow as part of the #fareride speaking to hundreds of tube users along the route and then meet supporters. Supporters will join the Victoria Line as Ken heads south.
> At the other end of the Victoria Line in Brixton Ken will deliver a stump
> Ken will launch a new ‘Fare Deal' YouTube video and release ‘Fare Deal' Facebook advertising.
> Mr Livingstone also announced he will be holding a rally on 23rd November to mobilise supporters against the Tory fare rises and to campaign for a fare cut.
Ken Livingstone said:

‘The choice in London is fares rising above inflation every year for 20 years under the current plans, or a "Fare Deal" for Londoners that cuts them and keeps them lower. Our alternative vision for London is all about being on the side of ordinary Londoners, instead of a just a few.

‘New figures show that under my Fare Deal, Londoners would effectively stop paying their annual fares costs by this week in November. Like Labour's proposed VAT cut it would put money in peoples' pockets and purses and into the economy, and help relieve the financial squeeze the majority of people are facing.

‘Fares are rocketing and so is the frustration of Londoners. Each year London fare payers pay far more in fares than even the Mayor's own budget projections say they will. Last year alone that excess profit was over £700 million. Without touching either future investment budgets, reserves, or existing operating budgets we can put the excess money to work for Londoners by holding down their fares. It's crazy to keep taking more money off people than we need to'.
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