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NHS Government U-Turn

John Cryer MP claims victory over Government U-turn on Private Firms being allowed to use NHS equipment you paid for!

John Cryer, MP for Leyton and Wanstead today claimed victory in the Government U-turn on Private Firms being allowed to use NHS equipment in the contracts they would get under the Governments Health Bill. 

The Government have performed a u-turn over the proposals that would have allowed private health firms to use NHS equipment paid for by taxpayers or charities, to treat patients under contracts they had got through the NHS reforms.
"Private firms would have been able to bid for contracts, then walk into NHS hospitals and be able use NHS equipment, operating theatres and facilities.  Not only that they would take priority over those people waiting for operation in those hospitals.

I've been working with local Save our NHS campaigners, fellow MPs, and the Daily Mirror on this issue. I'm pleased to see the Government have now rejected these proposals." Said John Cryer

The Government announced their response to the NHS Future Forum consultation announced this week.

"We will remove Monitor's powers to open up competition by requiring a provider [NHS] to allow access to its facilities to another provider [Private health firm]."  Government Response to the NHS Future Forum.

"This is a victory for all of us, who have fought these proposals. The Bill overall has been watered down, but we've still got a Bill which radically overhauls the Health Service at the detriment to patients, waiting times and the service provided by dedicated workers across the Health Service."

We all need to keep the pressure up on the Government about the Health Bill, if you'd like to join John Cryer in this or you'd like more information please get in touch.
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