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Commuter Survey

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Wednesday 16th November 2011 - 20:31 We need you feedback!
We need you feedback! John Cryer needs you feedback regarding your underground train journeys:

> Have you experienced an improvement in your journey time?
> Are the underground trains less congested or more?
> Do you feel safer travelling on the underground, in particlular in the evenings?
> What further improvements would you like to see?

Please click on the link above to submit your feedback - we look forward to hearing from you.

John Cryer MP
Friday 28th October 2011 - 14:42 Dr T - Leyton
Leyton Tube station is a hazard. No access to the disabled. The community council meetings repeatedly asked for immediate expansion of the tube station with modern facilities. The news paper shop must be removed and the space utilised for passenger comforts.

With the modern advancement in civil engineering it will be within the reach of engineers to plan a very good station to leyton before the Olympics as leyton will be a hub for Olympics.

The bus service is OK but Oliver Road is poorly served. There is a NHS polyclinic that need good bus service for the poor to travel. There is no parking for the patient who come to the clinic. Who planned a polyclinic without providing parking for patients?
Friday 28th October 2011 - 14:41 Mr S - Leytonstone
I regularly commute from Leytonstone station to Bank and change there from the Central line to the Northern line to get off at Angel. As I'm sure your survey has shown, this particular change in lines is one of the most dangerous to be found on the entire network and little seems to be changing. It's worrying that the whole matter seems to have arisen from works being done at Bank to begin with, which would suggest if works are the only solution to this problem they ought to close the station and get more done as soon as possible. I'm afraid to say I have only noticed trains get more congested in the last two years, especially on the Central line. There have also been more delays, more disruptions, works, and so on. The system is generally faltering and this worries me with a vague impression of extortion at a time when I read in the METRO on the Tube that the very people running the network are improving their pay- sure, they integrated the Overground line, but are those raises really proportionate? I'd like to see you formally inquire about such a thing!
Thursday 13th October 2011 - 14:44 Mrs F - Wanstead
The access to the Central Line going east from Stratford Station has become very congested during rush hour particularly with extra passengers leaving Westfield as well as the convergence of DLR Tube and Overhead passengers transferring to Central Line going East. I was so worried one day last week by the crush of people that I went outside and caught a 308 back to Wanstead, which took me an extra hour to get home as the traffic was so bad. Also why do we not have a bus such as the 56 which goes to the City and.or the West end direct from Wanstead. This would be a godsend when the Central Line is delayed.
Wednesday 7th September 2011 - 14:48 Mr N - S Woodford
John I'm a frustrated commuter who is travelling around the north circular everyday. I'm not sure if this falls under your remit, but I wanted to raise an issue concerning the on going road works around Tottenham and on closer examination the scheme is not actually improving any traffic flow for the ordinary commuter.

This has been a car park for over a year and a half now, can you advise on any recourse we have to improve this
Wednesday 24th August 2011 - 16:37 Ms O - Leyton
My main concern is that Leyton Tube Station is, by its compact layout & steep entrance & exit stairways, unable to cope with the local population density which continues to grow. What this situation will be like when the Westfield Shopping Centre opens, & the Olympics draw closer, is deeply worrying. The stairways are long, steep, & when crowded (particularly during rush hours) a hazard. There is little space between the top of the stairs & the ticket barriers if a very large volume of commuters have scaled them, or if there has been an emergency. I am not aware of any emergency exits, access for wheelchairs, lifts, or how Leyton Tube Station could possibly cater for people with disabilities. The Central Line is notoriously packed, even at the best of times, which makes this situation all the more poignant. I would like to see more entrance/exits be made available &, if it's possible, more Central Line trai! ns provided to ease the pressure during the commute. I do feel reasonably safe while travelling on the tube, yet I rarely travel late at night. There is also rather a blind spot, on leaving the station, which can attract problems. Thank You
Sunday 14th August 2011 - 16:38 Mr N - Leyton
Leyton Underground stations entrance and exit is dangerously overcrowded at rush hour - it is a matter of time before there is a fatality. They need to re-open the old entrance and exits that used to be at the other ends of the platform - or expand that area. I hate to think what will happen during the Olympics
Friday 12th August 2011 - 16:40 Mrs A - IG4
I am not one of your constituents but regularly use the Central Line and thought you might like to know changing from Northern to Central and vice versa at Bank is an acccident waiting to happen. At one point 6 streams of people converge! Also, yesterday I had the frightening experience of not being able to exit the Northern Line train to change onto C.Line as the people getting on surged on without letting us get off first. Please feed this back to London Transport.
Wednesday 10th August 2011 - 16:41 Mr Q - Leyton
I use the central line daily to commute to work, from Leyton to St Paul's station. My main gripe is with Leyton station itself, it is simply inadequate to cope with the congestion levels at peak rush times. Anyone who stands at the stairs when an eastbound train comes into the station will agree that the station is at max capacity in terms of the numbers that can use the stairs as well as the number that can go through the gates. Worse still, due to the minute after minute frequency of the central line, quite often the crowd from a previous train have not yet cleared before the next one arrives, which just increases congestion further. And if you people coming down the stairs or someone with a buggy or luggage, again it just gets worse.

I think many passengers who use Leyton station will agree that something needs to be done to upgrade the capacity which it can handle
Friday 5th August 2011 - 16:42 Ms K - Wanstead
Over the 40 years I have been commuting on the underground the service has improved, more frequent trains, less time stuck in tunnels, better information but who ever decided to design tube trains without windows needs to be shot. We need air flow not air conditioning.
Tuesday 2nd August 2011 - 16:44 Mr C - Wanstead
Have you experienced an improvement in your journey time?

Yes -although when delays occur they take longer to resolve.

Are the underground trains less congested or more?

They are significantly more crowded...as someone who has commuted from Wanstead for nearly 15 years, at peak hours the rush is unbelievable.

Do you feel safer travelling on the underground, in particlular in the evenings?

I feel as safe as I always did. I dont perceive safety as an issue.

What further improvements would you like to see?

1) More trains at Peak hours;
2)clearer communication at times when there are problems or delays and perhaps
3) starting trains at Leytonstone, Wanstead , Redbridge so that people boarding trains at these stations have a chance of getting on or even better getting a seat.
4) Automatic refunds to Oyster cards for all passengers impacted by delays. The current process is long and convoluted and unfair to non-computer literate people.

Finally, many thanks for instigating this survey.
Tuesday 2nd August 2011 - 16:43 Mrs P - Wanstead
The journey time is roughly the same except when there is a problem which seems to happen very regularly. The trains seem to get more and more crowded and are unbearably hot in summer. I feel less safe when arriving at Snaresbrook as sometimes there are no staff there at night.
Friday 15th July 2011 - 16:46 Ms T - Leyton
concerning you commuter survey, I find the tube (my main travel during the week) I use both the central and jubliee lines, which are conjested . If the Jubliee lines breaks down sometimes I am stranded. My Tube experience is suffocating and stressful. It is very rare I use the underground in the evenings as I feel vunerable. It will be interesting to see how London underground will cope during the 2012 games.
Friday 15th July 2011 - 16:45 Mr F - Leyton
Use the Jubilee line to travel to work. Usually 2 or 3 times a week subject to some sort of delay - the line is a nightmare. Dont feel any less/more safe travelling at night on tube but will no longer travel on night buses as feel very unsafe on them. Leyton station is getting more crowded and cannot cope with the volume of people. The 2nd exit on the eastbound platform should be opened to relieve conguestion in the evenings and the crowds at the ticket barriers.