Last week the government yielded to a Supreme Court decision regarding Employment Tribunal fees. Thi...
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John Cryer MP said: I was genuinely shocked by this appalling attack which seems to have arisen ...
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As of Midnight May 2nd, I am no longer Member of Parliament for Leyton and Wanstead. I am a Parliame...
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Save EMA Campaign

Save EMA Campaign Goes On

John Cryer MP has been working with the Save EMA Campaign and colleagues to fight to save it being scrapped. Now the Government have thought again.

"The Conservatives have come back with a scheme that gives people more money. However the numbers it helps are far less than with the old scheme. says John Cryer.

"EMAs do a great job in aiding and supporting people in Further Education.
In Waltham Forest, 47% of people at Waltham Forest College and 63% at Leyton College are recipients of EMA - mostly at the higher £30 rate.

James Mills, Head of Save EMA Campaign said:

"John Cryer has been a strong advocate for the thousands of teenagers in his constituency for whom EMA is a vital to staying in education and a better life. From day one John has been backing our Save EMA campaign in parliament and speaking up for those in his constituency who are voiceless to this most pernicious of government cuts."

"If Michael Gove thinks that he deserves credit after giving 70p extra a week to 12,000 of the poorest students whilst at the same time taking away 30 a week to many of their classmates whose finances are marginally better, then he really is delusional. Remember that currently 80% of those on EMA are from families whose household income is below 21,000 a year."
"I am glad that the Government has finally listened to Save EMA's "A Deals A Deal" campaign and recognised that they should pay some of the students on two year courses who currently receive EMA. They should be helping all of them! The Tories and their Lib Dem allies keep banging on
about we are all in this together', well why are young people in Waltham
Forest facing cuts in EMA, when bankers can keep their bonuses." Said John Cryer

It seems young people, along with the sick, the elderly and the poor are being asked to shoulder the burden of these cuts!"
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